simple cooking

thai fried rice//an everlasting meal.

"tug your memories back into the kitchen with you and you'll
find yourself less separate from the idea of making food"
an everlasting meal//tamar adler

i have been taking an everlasting bath
in the words, quotes and recipes of
tamar adler's amazing book an everlasting meal.

i have underlined (almost) every page and the amount
of little tomato decorated post it things holding the place
of reminders & recipes is comical.

tamar is sewing from a similar fabric
when she talk about permission, freedom
& inspiring us to turn on the fire
whether it be boiling water or stoking the oven...
it's the beginning to so many things.

she nourishes us with a refreshing simplicity
while in the same breath de-whelms our daily
conversation about gathering, cooking & eating.

this is the first time i have ever looked forward to
having left over rice....
one day, two day or even three day old rice!
she gives us a template (which i LOVE)
where you can make it your own
with whatever you have in the fridge...

thai fried rice
a natural pour//1 tbs of peanut or roasted peanut oil
2 shallots, sliced
1 thai bird's-eye chili (i do not do chile but you can!)
2 cloves garlic, smashed a bit & chopped up
1 cup or more of yesterday's rice (or 3 days old...)
salt & love
1/2 cup cucumber, radish or green tomato (did not measure this)
*i also threw some peas in there*
2 cups chopped cilantro, mint, basil or just cilantro (i only had parsley)
a big squeeze of lime
a bit of sugar
2 tsp thai fish sauce
optional: 1 fried egg per person 
i cracked two eggs open onto the batch while i was making it all 
it gave it a thickness i liked.. i mixed it in with a fork...
you can also fry the egg separate and add it on top

heat the oil in a wide pan or wok
you need enough surface area for each grain to fry..
let the oil get hot... you can even let it smoke a bit.
then add the shallots, chile, garlic and then the rice...
spread it all over the pan... let it fry then add the rest of the ingredients..
i loved the radish and cucumber in here too!

share the love
let me know
how you go 

autumn begins (with a recipe).

autumn begins

it’s an orange only october can explain

the roundness of everything is a beginning

and a beginning is hope.

love letters to begin the seasonal ministry,

the chorus bellows new hues of fat love from a clean slate

i sing to trust as the cold drops into a very familiar heat,

a temperature we have had every conversation with,

moist hugs, layered tank tops, the smell of sunscreen

hanging out on the hairline as I kiss you good night.

good-bye summer, 

hello fall.

falling in love with you all over again, believing in you for the first time,

each time, understanding yet another ochre yellow, deep grey green,

a brown that roots in deeper to a thought process hungering for the

slow down, 

finding me inside my peek a boo breath,

the vulnerability of varicose veins, 

meridians & school bus yellow lines

the road mapping out the direction to my dream.

oh and the fatness! the ok-ness of all the rotund love-

the acceptable obesity inside the celebration of a squash,

round, rind, bright & warm from its nap on the ground.

puy lentil soup with the last of the early girl tomatoes,

the turning on of everything inside –

all the lights, red, roasting the love, flesh down, skin up,

waiting for the heat to hit it’s number, I scan the wisdom list,

the to-do’s of my survival, my weekly vows of overwhelm and


messy me and the birth & death of everything that

continues to happen, 

the blood of it all.

hoping for some energy in the gas, more time in the fuel and all the

dreams of heroes, 

the freedom they exude, their firm triceps & hip


the stories in my hips are hiding tight like cross stitch


the answers 

come with tears. 

dying for love? possibly.

how can we really know anything?

the years continue to ground me in knowing less,

finding my way below the neck,

not thinking about anything,

feeling everything.

autumn begins: breasts to feed all of us inside kombochas,

pumpkins, butternuts, all the nourishing shapes we may

remember as warm love in our story somewhere.

a beginning is important to keep going,

it’s vital for survival & it’s happening now. 


turn oven on 400 convection* bake

place squash on casserole dish

(big enough for 2 halves of your squash)

pour oil all over squash

(2 second pour)

you can also massage it with the oil

put in the oven for 20 minutes

take out after 20 minutes & cut in half

(should be soft to cut into)

then place squash flesh down//skin up

put in for another 20 minutes

(you do


need to add any more oil here)

fork it to see if it's ready to your liking

texture, hardness, softness etc..

i usually keep seeds in as they add to flavor

you can scoop out after and toast

them with the last bit of heat in the oven

(*if you have convection//no worries if not)

you can leave this out on the stove top

with a beauty linen on top to cover it

in it's dish for warming later or noshing

as you go about your day!

you can mash it with earth balance or butter,

just serve as is, you can also put it in the


of a soup

creating another beauty love fest

enjoy beautiesxxxx