jules blaine davis is a mother of two, an artist in many realms with a background in performing arts, painting, poetry, healing, movement and meditation. about eight years ago, jules invited new mothers and their babes to her home for a music class. she roasted some butternut squash and cooked up some quinoa to feed them. as they sat around the table, some breast feeding and talking, they ate the food as if they had never eaten before. the food was gone within minutes! jules thought wow these women are hungry. these women, so it looked, were living beautifully abundant lives with the best diaper bag, the newest cozy pants and the best stroller to show for it. 

jules got up and cooked some more. they asked questions about roasting, boiling, timing and how to turn the fire on inside our busy lives. they talked about the loss of never learning how to cook, the vulnerability and shame around not knowing how to just put a meal together inside their jobs, dreams, marriage, motherhood. as they shared, jules felt the layers in their stories. their stories were influenced by culture, history, the emotional terrain of their backgrounds. their stories became all of our stories; our mothers and grandmothers burnt the bras with the aprons, their need to go back to school, to follow their dreams of being educated and succeeding to never be stuck in a kitchen again. 

jules realized this is a cultural core wound connected to so many other areas of our lives as women and as Americans. she saw the underbelly of all the childhood epidemics, obesity and diabetes, the struggle in our home kitchens directly related to the disconnection to our nourishment, our values leading straight to take-out, illness, disease, diets, confusion inside a noisy culture trying to sell us a way out. 

jules began to cook up a remedy to heal our deeper hunger and the kitchen healer was born.

film by heather seybolt
music: "gather round" by renee & friends, featuring lisa loeb

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