welcome to the place inside of you that brought you here— to this moment, this breath, this body, these words.

this place inside of you is your YES.

even if you just land here for a moment. in some soft, fierce, loving part inside of YOU— you are a YES for your life, for the invitation that is being in a body, for the threshold of being human and for what you have been longing for whether you know it or not. your YES, our YES, my YES heals the world.

this is the beginning of a forever conversation.

your longing to let gooooo, to dive in, to shift something, to grieve the truth, to lighten the heaviness, to seek the story, to rewrite the story, to cook up a life that deeply nourishes, to unravel, unwind, sound the note of the questions you carry, to meet other women who are hungry, meet women steeping in the inquiries of their lives, their bodies, the fire they are carrying, however you got you here— i honor YOUR YES and the hunger in YOU that continues to show up, seek, unravel the truth.

we are all inside of this unknown life.

WE are a WE yet we don’t know how to live as a WE. we live in bodies that have wisdom. we live in bodies that have fire. we live in bodies that are a mystery. AND we live in a culture that feeds off of the fear in the mystery, the wisdom and the fire.

so, we separate ourselves.

we don’t know who we are inside of this ever changing emotional panagea of stories moving way to fast inside of us and all around us. we long to slowwww down, we want to connect, we want to nourish our lives and our great MOTHER earth.

we want everything.

we hunger for everything.

we have everything.

we are starving.

we need each other deeply.

AND we are in conflict. humans, animals, our earth, our culture, everyone, all bodies everywhere. we carry this conflict in our bodies. we are trying to make sense of it all. we are being invited in ways that may not feel like a paperless post invite. the rsvp is in our everyday lives— how we wake up, how we turn on the fire, tend the fire, steward the fire, nourish the mystery, tend, practice, create, live, love etc….

we want to learn how to live in a way that is aligned with our values. we want to learn what are values are, who we need to become in order to heal this mother earth and to live the lives we so long to live.

we need to break our minds open as our hearts continue to do the deep work. we need to nourish this deeper longing, this fire, this fever we are carrying around.

welcome to radical intimacy.

this work is a forever conversaton inside our day to day lives.

this is not an event.

welcome to your life, your body, your MOTHER, your fire, your inquiry.


this work is intentional in every way.

we are being called forth individually & collectively. we all dive in together. you are held in your YES to your life changing. what does it mean to be held? it is an embodied experience of powerful loving that is foundational to this work.

this retreat is full with BEAUTY. beauty is everywhere. it is a vital medicine to this work. we are surrounded by beauty in ojai—in the home, in our rooms, on the land, with the food and so much more.

what happens? everything.

try to explain mutliple miracles happening all the time for 5 days inside moving, writing, being, resting, working, creating, flowing, circling, ritual, connecting deeply, cooking up new stories, letting go of old ways forever and nourishing every single cell of YOU.

it’s impossible.

it is not for the explaining.

it is divinely custom for YOU. your body knows what you need. your Mother (earth) knows what you need. let Her guide you.

your life as you know it will be forever changed.

if this retreat is calling to you i will make time to be with you. i want to hear what calls you forth and what you are carrying inside. we will see if this retreat at this time will serve you in the highest way.

we are an intimate group of women who travel far and wide to nourish this forever conversation inside this precious life. we are HELD inside this process. let’s connect.


WHERE: a peach orchard in OJAI, CALIFORNIA (90 minutes from los angeles)

FOOD: all our food is grown, tended and gathered from local, organic and beyond organic farms in southern california.

our food is divinely created with the fierce magic & deep loving of my dear partner in miracles, chef haidee hart. haidee will be traveling to ojai from her home in salt spring island, british columbia where she weaves a life of beauty aligned with the earth, on the land, in honor of all that is inside the seasons and what is being called forth especially FOOD! she lives on stowel lake farm where she is head chef to thousands of people who come thru on retreat, special events and other amazing adventures. haidee is a mother to 4 amazing human beings, a wife to josh, a sister and friend to so many. she is a passionate alchemist and artist inside of her life and her food — listening to what is needed, what is calling her forth to nourish us in the highest way. haidee is in circle with us, hearing our stories, listening to what we hunger for in all realms and so much more.

COST: $2600 includes so much beauty inside a cozy room, gorgeous home, all day farm to heart nourishment & so much more.

travel expenses are separate.

space is limited. this will fill up.

if this is calling to you, lets connect.