i am grateful to the place inside of YOU that brought you here to this page, to this moment, to these words— thank you for being here.

thank YOU for listening to the call to retreat, to take time, to BE with your body and your life in a new way.

i have witnessed the listening to this calling change women’s lives in deep and profound ways.

it is such a powerfully loving transformation.

AND it is truly amazing to witness.

it is almost impossible to explain to you what happens on these retreats. so i will do my best. and if you find your body saying yes then we can connect and see if it will serve you.

for over 12 years, i have experienced women called to this work who are ready for the next level of their lives. they want to AWAKEN to their lives in deeper and wider ways with more permission, freedom, ease and LOVE inside their bodies, their day to day, their relationships, their creativity and expression whether alive or asleep—they want to nourish their lives and heal the world.

a nourished life is a life changer.

this is the beginning of a forever conversation.

WE are a WE yet we don’t know how to live as a WE. we live in bodies that have wisdom. we live in bodies that have fire. we live in bodies that are a mystery.

AND we live in a culture that feeds off of the copiuous fear in the mystery, the wisdom and the fire.

we separate ourselves to survive.

this work is the map to find our way HOME. to find ourselves at home in our mama earth, in our bodies and with each other. to find ourselves safe and free and nourished in the deepest of ways.

we need each other deeply.

AND we are in conflict. humans, animals, our earth, our culture, everyone, all bodies everywhere. we carry this conflict in our bodies. we are trying to make sense of it all. we are being invited in many ways to wake up, to turn on the fire, to tend to our lives in new ways, to rewrite the stories, to nourish the unknown, to practice patience, to create our dreams, to redefine love etc….

we want to learn how to live in a way that is aligned with our values. we want to learn what values are, who we need to become in order to heal this mother earth and to live the lives we so long to live.


this is not an event.

welcome to your life, your body, your MOTHER, your fire, your inquiry.


once you arrive to ojai —you are held by the beauty, the land, the mountains, the nourishmnent and all that is waiting for YOU, your BODY and your powerful time here.

you are deeply held the moment you say YES.

inside this time— whether you are returning to retreat or you are a newcomer— it is a threshold. to leave your life and carve out time for yourself is a deeply courageous act.

we circle, we nourish, we rest, we write, we connect deeply, we learn how to listen, we feel our feelings, we learn about our lives in the deepest of ways, we embody what it means to be held, we create, we express, we learn, we cook in and out of the kitchen, we are held by sacred ritual and WE LAUGH SO MUCH!! (we cry too)

we bring all the women who came before us, women in our lineage who did this all the time as a part of their lives.

we dive in TOGETHER.

you are held in your YES to your life healing and growing by all the women who said YES to their lives healing and growing.

this retreat is full with BEAUTY. beauty is a vital medicine to this work.

we are surrounded by beauty in ojai—in the home, in our rooms, on the land, with the incredible farm to table food and so much more magic that can only be experienced.

this is divinely custom for YOU. your body knows what you need. your Mother (earth) knows what you need. let Her guide you.

your life as you know it will be forever changed.

is radical intimacy calling to YOU? if yes, i will make time to be with you. i want to hear what calls you forth and what you are carrying inside. we will see if this retreat at this time will serve you in the highest way.

we are an intimate group of women who travel far and wide to nourish this forever conversation inside this precious life.

we are HELD inside this process. 


WHERE: a peach orchard in OJAI, CALIFORNIA (90 minutes from los angeles)

FOOD: all our food is grown, tended and gathered from local, organic and beyond organic farms in southern california.

our food is divinely created with the fierce magic & deep loving of my dear partner in miracles, chef haidee hart. haidee will be traveling to ojai from her home in salt spring island, british columbia where she weaves a life of beauty aligned with the earth, on the land, in honor of all that is inside the seasons and what is being called forth especially FOOD! she lives on stowel lake farm where she is head chef to thousands of people who come thru on retreat, special events and other amazing adventures. haidee is a mother to 4 amazing human beings, a wife to josh, a sister and friend to so many. she is a passionate alchemist and artist inside of her life and her food — listening to what is needed, what is calling her forth to nourish us in the highest way. haidee is in circle with us, hearing our stories, listening to what we hunger for in all realms and so much more.

COST: $2600 for everything and more.

travel expenses are separate.

space is limited. this will fill up.

if this is calling to you, lets connect.