i have found a place, a wordless beautiful place that holds me, my BODY and the wisdom that continues to show up in me to share with YOU. this wisdom about our bodies, the unnamed longing we carry from soccer to work to the gym into the kitchen and more. this dance we keep dancing inside not enough & too much, trying to fix our bodies and forgetting about the wisdom, the realness inside our grieving and so much more... as the days go by and we keep saying no, later, another time or "when i have the... money, space, time, fill in the blank." my body says to you: WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? this work, this BODY, this shift in LIVING and BECOMING who we truly are is DIVINELY URGENT.  


AND it is time. today, now, this moment to say YES to our bodies. to say YES to a rhythm shift. to say  YES to our truth. to say YES to the energy inside that is stirring only to serve in the highest way. what is that voice? what is that truth? that is your BODY WISDOM. if anything here resonates with you, if your BODY is saying yes, yes to this, yes, please, i need this then write me and lets connect.  


this retreat is intentional in every way. may 7 -11 is the week before mother's day.  this is a beautiful time to NOURISH. this is a beautiful time on the farm. this is a beautiful time to come home with no expectations other than LOVE. 

this is the real WORK and guess what? work can be nourishing, fun, delicious, deep, intense and FULL WITH LOVE hence the week time frame. it can also be easier on our hearts to get away in the week than on the weekend which is truly time to rest or be with our families. that transition back home after a weekend can be challenging. in this way, you have will have time transitioning home on that friday afternoon/evening or even better, i support you to return home on saturday! we can talk more about this. either way, it is a monday thru friday. 

AND yes, there is a reason you can't sign up for the retreat here. we are an intimate group of phenominal women. YOU are a phenominal woman. we are saying YES inside our busy lives. we are HELD deeply inside this process. i want to connect with you, hear you and see if this work, this retreat, this time will serve you and support you. 

our retreat takes place on salt spring island, off the coast of vancouver at stowel lake farm a lush organic farm surrounded by profound tree medicine, bluest of oceans, the kindest people and so much more. this is a place of deep beauty, a place of remembering, a place that can hold our tender hearts and our deeper hunger as we land inside our BODIES. 

here are the details:

Monday, MAY 7, 2018

Friday, MAY 11, 2018

Stowell Lake Farm
Salt Spring Island
British Columbia, Canada 

all our food is tended, harvested & held by farmer megan and her gorgeous female crew. our food is also harvested, held and transformed with LOVE by chef haidee hart. haidee will also be guiding us on the farm, sharing wisdom from her kitchen and nourishing us with her teachings. 

Cost: $2400 includes room, board, all day nourishment & so much more.

travel expenses are separate.

space is limited & this will fill up.

if your body is saying YES, lets set up a time to connect.

BIG love and gratitude for YOU showing up for you and your beautiful, wise BODY xxxx