the healing sessions are private sessions for awakening your hunger and healing your story. jules works privately with women, kids (10+ years old) and families to support and nurture a story that they crave to live.  jules works with body issues, food issues, transition, confusion, manifesting partner/children, divorce: couples and children to support a similar food story in both homes, newlyweds who want to begin their life together in a mindful way around nourishment and women who crave continual support in living a life that feeds their heart, their dreams and their desires. she uses a variety of remedies including movement, poetry, meditation, writing, art and other modalities to support the body to nourish the wisdom that is already here and inspire the mind to connect to this wisdom. she calls this work a below the neck chat. these sessions are a safe space to explore your rythmn, unpack the heaviness of what no longer serves you and begin to lighten your story. jules guides you to create practice and ritual in your life to build a new kind of scaffolding and integrate this work into your life.  jules is an intuitive healer who holds a safe & nurturing space for leaning in so you can finally let go into the life you deeply hunger for.

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