thai fried rice//an everlasting meal.

"tug your memories back into the kitchen with you and you'll
find yourself less separate from the idea of making food"
an everlasting meal//tamar adler

i have been taking an everlasting bath
in the words, quotes and recipes of
tamar adler's amazing book an everlasting meal.

i have underlined (almost) every page and the amount
of little tomato decorated post it things holding the place
of reminders & recipes is comical.

tamar is sewing from a similar fabric
when she talk about permission, freedom
& inspiring us to turn on the fire
whether it be boiling water or stoking the oven...
it's the beginning to so many things.

she nourishes us with a refreshing simplicity
while in the same breath de-whelms our daily
conversation about gathering, cooking & eating.

this is the first time i have ever looked forward to
having left over rice....
one day, two day or even three day old rice!
she gives us a template (which i LOVE)
where you can make it your own
with whatever you have in the fridge...

thai fried rice
a natural pour//1 tbs of peanut or roasted peanut oil
2 shallots, sliced
1 thai bird's-eye chili (i do not do chile but you can!)
2 cloves garlic, smashed a bit & chopped up
1 cup or more of yesterday's rice (or 3 days old...)
salt & love
1/2 cup cucumber, radish or green tomato (did not measure this)
*i also threw some peas in there*
2 cups chopped cilantro, mint, basil or just cilantro (i only had parsley)
a big squeeze of lime
a bit of sugar
2 tsp thai fish sauce
optional: 1 fried egg per person 
i cracked two eggs open onto the batch while i was making it all 
it gave it a thickness i liked.. i mixed it in with a fork...
you can also fry the egg separate and add it on top

heat the oil in a wide pan or wok
you need enough surface area for each grain to fry..
let the oil get hot... you can even let it smoke a bit.
then add the shallots, chile, garlic and then the rice...
spread it all over the pan... let it fry then add the rest of the ingredients..
i loved the radish and cucumber in here too!

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how you go