the rain has found me in such a hungry spot this morning. i am loving the sound of it's feast on the ground inviting the quiet parts in me to come out and play. this deep nourishment of the earth inspires me to write a book, drink ten cups of tea and be cozy all day. there is a self-loving that happens when nourishment is present. have you felt this? i am also feeling into permission this morning. as the earth is being fed, my desire to run, to go, to make it all happen is in the garage taking a warm bath. i wonder how long she will be in there. 

the sound of the rain is moving inside me, moving me towards that simple lightness that can be found inside the aroma of a soup or something cooking. it's that feeling that everything is going to be ok, that no matter what, we will be fed. it's an invitation to simplicity. the aroma can feel like a calling to our ancestors, to all the women before us who were cooking up a life that felt meaningful and important. they were connected to the fire in more ways than one.

i hunger for this simplicity all the time.

somedays i know where to find it and other days, most days, i am lost in the dark looking for a grandmother to hug or a mother to teach me how to raise my son without shame, to show me the way to love inside strength, inside a fearlessness that is tender and true. my motherhood map is worn out in this area, it's hard to read where to go or how to navigate with my body, my group of cells, with what i saw and if there is a way to pave a new road inside what is possible. 

the rain is beginning to take her last bow and the sun is emerging from the clouds....and the rush to finish this is banging on the front door.  i can hear my inner bouncer: time to get going lady.... doors are going to close in one minute... then she goes on... what is this even about? does it make sense? you have spent so much time on it and you have so much more to do!

my feeling of simplicity begins to run & hide. i will meet her again inside a warm tea or after yoga in a million years. how do we tame these tigers inside of us? the muse, the go-getter, the producer, the you struggle in this way? what is your simplicity? how do you tap into it inside the day? this is an invitation to share, to reflect, to grab a tea and write something if you hunger for it. i am going to make some tea too xxxx