the small things.

hi beauty!

i always find this feeling inside me around this time of year as most of the country is falling into cooler weather and here is los angeles...we are falling into heat wave season! it can be depressing as the last thing i want to do is turn on the oven. so i turn on the rice/slow cooker instead and make my way to that fall feeling without over heating the house and my family!

i know you are probably thinking there is nothing small about stew....but actually there is when it only takes about 10 minutes prep and a 1/2 day cooking in the slow cooker giving me and my the gift of an aroma to come home too. this so deeply nourishes me when i am out all day. it's that underlying anxiety we all share when we know it's a busy day, week, year, life and we have no idea what we are making for dinner. so really this is more than just a stew... it's anti-anxiety medication and a few other things too.


1 - 2 lbs of stew beef (chuck)

sweet onion (medium size)

garlic (1-2 cloves)

olive oil (dark glass)

salt (pink by real salt)

bullion (repunzel)

celery & carrots (no need to peel)

crushed tomatoes (peeled)

and/or tomato paste

(in glass or tube if you can)

any other veggies you have in fridge

and that's a wrap!

i love love love my rice/slow/saute cooker because it does so many things all in one...which nourishes me too! you can open up the paper to the beef and put in some garlic powder and onion power and salt... i massage that all into the meat.. then i begin by turning on the saute setting and of course you can do this in a separate pan as well.... i start with a generous pour of olive oil, a bullion cube or two... mash it all up together.. then add chopped onion and garlic..i saute this for a few minutes.. i am looking for that glassy look which means the sweet bits are coming thru... then i add  the beef... saute that a bit.. letting it cook for a few minutes... (you can move this into your slow cooker now if it's not all in the same thing) then i add the veggies.. and the tomatoes.. the tomato paste can go in earlier or now.. i add 1/2 cup of water or so.. and that is IT! you can change the setting from saute to low or high 'slow cook', put the top on and voila! it's so easy! do it and let me know how it goes! leave a comment below. i LOVE hearing from you xxxx