wood board love.

::::::::::WOOD BOARD LOVE::::::::::

if my work had a thesis

wood board love

would be the title

it is the map, the compass, the seeds

in which i continue to grow & discover the

space to talk about

our food story, our kitchens

healing, our hunger & how we 

nourish ourselves.

at the end of the day, it's a great place to start.

 i am inspired by the board

i cut up whatever has been gathered 

from the 

seasonal wardrobe and

before i know it 

we are creating

delicious concoctions 

i would have

never put together!

it's definitely a family affair

there is no pressure & 

no energy other than 

the beauty


from the board, from the source

there is nothing to say

the only thing to do is EAT

(possibly moan)

and try things old and new

i always say...

gather like you are having a party

celebrate nourishing you

DO NOT WAIT for the party

(because you are the party)

then call me in the morning


check out wood board love sessions

& kitchen healing 


all shapes and sizes