i am reveling in my unraveling

letting all the seams go

what it should be

what it seems to be

what i thought it was

who i need to be

i am unraveling.

pin me up

each meridian

take me out of the oven

let me cool and harden

i am making room on the sides of this pan

i am not stuck in here

unraveling never felt so good

pull that seam and let my dress fall down

i am in bed with my lover on a monday at 10am

yeah, thats right

the uneven curtains of where i should be

what i have been

who i am and where i am going

who the fuck knows?

i am healing

i am making room

i am leaning in

sharp edges

kneading ball after ball after ball

breathing round

breathing flat

breathing soft

custom blended for me

everybody has a story

i am so hungry for more of my breath

more of your hardship

lets shop it around

loosen it up

rip me apart

i am alive and the dark side is in the back seat

watch out 

i am taking my time

what was

ain't working

we are going to shift this shit up

hungry mother

mother hungry


 talk to each other

get curious

be of service

hug it out

lets try on the warrior costume


this groundlessness

ungravel the inevitability of dying

the fear fest that loves to be the line leader

a marriage of old shapes

doesn't fit anymore

lets get under this fat mess

dig up the rotted roots

fire up the rusty pots

smell the aroma

of our needs

ask questions

roast beets

make a tea

and begin

to unravel.

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