spring quiche.

i agree, it has been WAY too long
i don't need to explain anything to you
because we are all living the dream together
trying to find the ground inside the groundlessness
breathing in & out with the noise
trying to magically create more time in the day
it's all going so fast, so fast, so fast
so here is another pause for us inside all the fast
this pause includes haricot vert & plum radishes
it also includes, hold the phone, whole cream

*this makes 2 quiches*
(you can call it summer
if you need too)

seasonal love
haricot vert
(string beans)
spring peas
cherry tomatoes
plum radishes
green garlic 
olive oil
4 eggs
goat cheese
whole cream
crust/gf crust/no crust

work it 
turn on stove to medium fire
grab a saute pan with plenty of room
chop the green garlic & shallot
in a pan with olive oil
massage dish or crust with melted butter
turn oven onto 400 bake
saute all your seasonal veggies
whatever is inspiring you these days
when done//take off the eye//let it cool off

in a big bowl mix 1 cup whole cream
2 whole eggs & 2 egg yolks
shredded cheese of your choice
a little salt
then add your saute mix to the bowl
mix everything lightly together
scrape into pie dish or pie crust
you can use a baking sheet below the pies
for dripping & makes it easy to put into oven

cool it down
you've got to slow it down
ooh watch out
your going to lose control

let it cool all day if you need
lay a beauty towel over it
we have been loving this on the wbl
with a salad, roasted veggies & prosciutto

this is a 1-2 kind of recipe
it's just a one, then a two & done
that is how
fast can
slow down
just a bit
oh and it's delicious
so the pause is more than worth it
let me know how you go

JULY 11 2014