i miss you.

i say this every time there is a very long & arduous DROUGHT in the RM blog realm and it's true every time:

i miss you.

i miss me

. i miss the the luxury to tap in, to share what's happening in & out of my kitchen, to take a sip from a warm something, write some more & water this fertile ground of feeding each other.

the silence that you are hearing is unfortunately not what i am hearing....my two kid rompus has begun and it's in full force. not to mention my business that needs nourishment to grow, the dreams that need to float down from the 'roam freely' aisle and ground into something that continues to inspire change in america's kitchen culture. 

what culture you ask? exactly... this is what i am talking about! is this thing on? i'm here all night. 

did i mention self-care? oh, did i miss that? all of this 'me time' i have been experiencing these days is profound. i can hear you laughing and it's feeding the 'me too' part of this party we are experiencing together.

where have i been? right here in my kitchen, cooking for wonderful women & families who are in a time of their lives where they need this love i am cooking up... whether they are here for a week, coming home from a trip or busy forever....this nourishment, this food that i am honored to create with the best ingredients from amazing farmers is a niche situation. i opened up the RM 'private cooking' wing and took a few new clients. in time, i will teach them how to do this on their own (they may not know this yet ;)

we CAN weave food into our day to day (busy, chaotic, insane, no time, american) lives when we are ready to make food important in our lives.  

when we touch down into our bodies & allow food to be an emotional, doable & simple experience than we make room for what is possible, even if you have NO idea how it's going to happen. THEN: you call me & we create a kitchen that flows efficiently, with all the right tools & a custom schedule for your life that makes sense for your work, family, you etc.. we cook together, we shop together, we birth this piece into your lives & before you know it.. you are making beautiful, organic, healthy & delicious food! you will feel like new. email me


if your ear is to the door and you want more... no more broccoli & pasta ruts in the RM world. a miracle will fix that right up! 

speaking of....

something that i am in desperate need of is A MIRACLE! this is the first one of the fall..if you have never been

to my kitchen and you are waiting for the perfect time...it's


!! this fall bounty is gorgeous. please don't wait for this kind of beauty, the feeding each other is so important for all of us... this wonderful gathering of women, food, abundance, laughter... it's 100000% soul satisfaction or your money back. oh! and you will be inspired & empowered with the know how to cook seasonal, healthy & delicious food! come one, come all! 


10ish - 1ishpm


jules kitchen

2 spots left!


more dates coming soon! see you in the kitchen soon beautiesxxxxjules