summer miracles & more.

beautiful women!! 
i am missing you inside this summer shift... as the schedule changes, as the sun begins to express her full potential & as we begin to slowly lose our minds!!! (with the kids home & no plan somedays) anyone? it can be really hard to find our way to ourselves, let alone in the KITCHEN! amen sister, me too. it sounds like it's time for a MIRACLE!! 

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JULY 26 
(birthday miracle ;)
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do you keep missing the miracle b/c of the date? do you want to bring all the women you love? you wanna have a birthday miracle? many of you have asked me about creating a 'custom' miracle. YES, let's do it! summer is a wonderful time for this. email me here to create this kind of love. 

"The Miracle is freedom, empowerment, relief, courage,  homeopathic, re-affirming, grounding,  a touchstone,  a reassuring voice,  kindness,  guidance and grace. What I take away from my time at RM, I leave not only with actual, practical recipes that I can do at home, but I also leave with confidence. When I am back home at my own kitchen I feel free to experiment with the ideas that I was given at RM.  It is practical for my budget and my life.  I feel like a witch in the kitchen and I can conjour up magic in the form of food."

"My husband LOVES when I come back from an RM miracle because he and my daughter eat well.  My daughter loves to see me joyful in my kitchen space, full of excitement to share the spices and ideas I have.  Some of the things that I learn from Jules even apply to life beyond my kitchen.  She is like a mini-kitchen-therapist.  She will give me a loving push to grow and to feel self-love.  All this from just a bit of time with her !!  Always money well spent.  I love Jules because I can see that she believes in what she does and in me.  She is a lovely surprise  and I love RM."  Wiloe Ann Poehlmann

see you in the kitchenxxxxjules