cracking open.

they gather in this circle alive & ready, deep & rustic they tell their story on a map shell.. mottled from a journey that has strength & sweetness... which can serve to keep most of us away for a long time... this delicate part of ourselves that yearns to be told... shared... cracked open. these fancy beauties are not only inspiring in the fridge but oh so fun for the babes to see & want to eat... they gush with an originality not many eggs carry around .. not one looks like the there is diversity.. which we love. as for cracking one open... it takes a few tries... they are survivors.. hard shelled... porous with a certain inflexibility that is exciting in it's surprise of what you may have projected onto them... always a lesson to be found in the kitchen reflecting the beauty of the journey... who knew breakfast could be so interesting... and it's egg season with easter coming up right? so go get some quail eggs and make some fancy tiny sunny side up eggs... i bought these from lily's eggs.. make sure those quails are living freely & eating the love. thanks to my dear friends abby, stefan & daisy who inspired me to break the barrier and connect to that delicate strength within & buy the darn eggs! let me know how it goes. see you in the kitchenxxx