cherry moya.

in the RM kitchen we always try new foods... it seems like a no brainer but in our busy lives it's rare to give ourselves the gift of trying something new. it feels so good to be connected to our food and to know what something is let alone what it tastes like on a menu or at the market. i have said this before.. you can always ask to try something at the supermarket.. there are always produce guys around and they seem to be really happy stacking the wet beet leaves one on top of the other... a few weeks ago in the thursday class we cut into a cherimoya... which is a cross between a papaya & a silky banana taste... i can't say it was my favorite thing in the world but now i know what it tastes like. it definitely could be great mixed with other exotic fruits in a drink.. on the beach.... taking a nap... are you with me? it's amazing how quickly i can go there especially since it's such a distant thought as of late.. like 4 years late.. the taste definitely puts you in a tropical vibe.. and how can you not love that? try new things.. give yourself the FREEDOM.. do it with the kids... rebirth that natural curiosity of beauty & nature.. lets also manifest that vacation. see you in the kitchenxxx