rainbow cherry tomatoes.

step by step... here it comes: SPRING! it's such a beautiful time. the sun shines longer, warming us all, supporting our growth to stretch out from the ground..and i love this time at the market...one of the best feelings is the first sight of a spring vegetable or fruit... at first glance, i have a longing in me to embrace it like a long lost friend...how was the flight & how have you been? don't worry, i don't ask it any questions but i do gather it in my stroller with such love & excitement that it's back in town! it also can sometimes feel like i am spotting celebrities.. but there names are fava bean, spring pea tendril & so on... i think you are getting the picture... they INSPIRE me! and that is what i am talking about mamas! lets get reinspired this spring with all that is being offered to us...as for these tomatoes, they are amazing on a little baking sheet with olive oil.. massage with your god given tools & LOVE...roast on 400 for 20 - 30 minutes... or more depending on what you want to do with them & how you want the texture etc... check on them every 15 or so minutes with a spatula (steel or wood please) & move them around.. let them get to know each other....and you can absolutely add a bit of salt before or after.... amazing with cippollini onions, cannelini beans, some bread & some quiet time...OR you can add them to any dish that needs crushed tomatoes from a can.. if it's a warm dish like meat or chicken.. roasted tomatoes are the best.. don't forget all those juices in the baking sheet. see you in the kitchenxxx