we DO cook.

i am deeply invested in creating a kitchen culture in america ... supporting the mama, the creator of the home & family, the woman who some how finds a way to keep it going with kids, jobs, husbands, families etc... AND has food in the kitchen at any given time.... the concept is not to have dinner ready at 5 or get up at the crack of dawn to make crepes a la whatever with a shiso leaf & some fig compote.... the deeper need here is to be fed.

we are hungry.
actually, we are starving.

and....we all have different needs. lets start cooking food that we have all day long .... on the table...a beautiful cloth over it... food that lasts a day or 2. stop freezing in plastic. is anything in the freezer calling your name? are you just dying to get in there and defrost that incredible something? we want to eat food. we yearn to be creative and have time.. have time.. have time... some how other cultures have time.. make the time.. create the time... have the support... they have something we do not have... they have a CULTURE. it's embedded in how they live. i am creating this with renaissance mamas. once you see, realize, cook, do it.. you will never go back. it's sharing wisdom, learning easy ways to create it, make it happen within your lifestyle....

so.. with all this said.. i have been meaning to post this article that i somehow got through without turning into the element of fire....did you see it in the new york times sunday magazine on august 2? it's my responsibilty to post it here because i am the antithesis of this article and I BELIEVE WE CAN COOK alive, local FOOD and i will continue my mission one wooden spoon at a time until i am in your kitchen supporting you and creating this reality....see you in the kitchenxxx