erev yum.

there is nothing like abundance...especially when you bring it out from the cabinets & let it shine. when it lives inside of you...there is no void. love is this way. it's barefoot and pregnant. it's that sated, grounded, all you want to do is give feeling. it's at the intersection of freedom avenue & amazing boulevard. i live for that corner. a really great short cut to this place can be a warm tea in the palm of my hand. maybe a milky rooibos with agave or an earl grey with a brown sugar cube. no map covers this area. it's an inside job. this holiday feast we shared with new friends had a bit of this feeling plus the bohemian vibe that resonates in our had a depth that only my ancestors could bring inside the cobalt and gold and brisket....reflecting inside every silver bullion spoon....round, warm, familiar. may this feeling be sealed. see you in the kitchenxxx