new year.

wow. i missed you.... there have been some holidays since we shared a fig cake...l'shanah tovah! which means.. happy new year..... these days from the evening of friday, september 18th to monday, september 28th are some sacred days of the year (jewish, buddhist, beautiful, all the single ladies.. whoever you are i say get on board) this is the time of the year when you reflect on last year, comb the natty dreads and do a deep edit on what you did not like in the year then creating what you want into this year...we do a bit of fasting, praying & rocking out on sealing this into the torah which could also be your journal..... i do this checking in ritual (not the fasting part) on the other new year & on my birthday... reflecting is powerful and relevent as it keeps us connected to our story... ourselves, our family, our bodies and what we want to continue to create in our lives.

we also just passed through our autumn equinox... which means lots and lots of apples, pomegranates, butternut squash, and did i say apples? the apples dipped in honey bring in the sweet of this new year, new time, new taste the sweet & make it palpable, genuine & awake in each cell. that is what food does... it makes everything alive... as that is how we remain alive....sometimes the obvious can sound like poetry....sometimes.....see you in the new yearxxx