squash blossoms.

in the summer months, we see these fragile beauties and we wonder... what the heck to do with those? when you are the market, the beauty may call to you...so you reach into your pocket for your last 5 or 6 dollars. you bring them home and watch them everyday wondering what to do .... the beauty feeds you so you sustain. then, one day you look in the back of the fridge and you see them: all wilted and brown. yes, we all know this feeling. life got ahead of the beauty and then hid it in the back so even with the time you didn't have to look up what to do.. the beauty was lost. OY... ok, ok.. so this is a very quick and yummy recipe to make when you get home with those blossoms.



2-3 EGGS




1. mix up a few eggs with a dash of salt in a big wide bowl.

2. drop the blossoms in the eggs and let them swim around a bit.

3. then put out a wide plate of flour... you can use pamela's pancake mix (gluten-free) or any flour you have..

4. make sure your pan is HOT.. i love an iron-clad with a good amount of oil...any oil. i use olive oil with this.  

5. you also will need a plate near you or a town paper bag to place the hot fried blossom on...

6. you can coat each blossom on the flour plate and then into the hot pan.

7. let them cook a few minutes on each side.. then take them out to cool ...

sure, you can fill the middle with goat cheese or something yummy as well. that's it! easy and everyone eats them 'round here. let me know how you go xxxx