churn the butter.

i am a woman who sits in front of the mirror to truly see what & where & who i am -looking me straight in the eye - i am hungry to learn more - chantings of the heart my belly churns inside an internal fire that has no expiration date - i am alive - i am grateful - i am on fire. i am feeling me - all of me - redefining me as each molecule takes a new shape - watching my hair as it falls on my breasts - observing all the touch - the feel - begging the internal rush to take a nap so i can enjoy the breath - my body - falling deeper in love with the woman i am today - excited for tomorrow - grateful for yesterday - all the sticky pain - the shenpa - the hook biting - all the attachment i am working on - to peel off like a hard boiled egg - chip away at a whole to create a purity i long for - this longing is innocent - all the girls inside me - all the women and the ancestors - they all want to meet up inside my gaze in the mirror - they all just want to be here - words on this white - how vital this medicine - to take this precious time - to go inside - churn the butter - splash some salt - check the temperature - open the oven - fork the bread - to show up ravenous & sated - to ground inside this practice of being - call it what you will - name it if it helps - beat the drum - fluff the pillow - whisper to the empty car - whatever helps you love - whatever helps to get you there - opening up the cracks - welcoming the light - giving this mess permission to fly - to burn - to bleed thru the white linen life we think we want - sit in front of the mirror - get curious - ask questions- feel inside and breathe xxxx

***when listening to audio: close your eyes, let the poem wash over you, nourish you, land where it wants to, let the poem move you*** just a thought beauties xxxx