flourless chocolate cake.

i LOVE books on tape (or on audible in this case). i have been listening to BIG MAGIC by Elizabeth Gilbert. today she talked about naming who we are, not hiding behind our fear, in how we introduce ourselves to the world, to each other, to ourselves. she shares about fear and creativity .... the on-going conversations inside those two and so much more. i thought i would give it a go.. will you? leave in the comments below: who are you?  

as a healer, artist, poet, mama, friend and woman... i am a fierce permission giver, a space shifter, a freedom fighter, a life composer creating the kind of room we might need to take a deeper dive into our authenticity....such a fancy word for belonging, for connecting deeply to the resourceful vat of what feeds us, feels us, nourishes our deepest places, the values we know in our bones inside the noise of our minds.. inside the slowwww down. there are so many posts in this one post...look out for more. i will begin with this (semi) slow down inside one of the best cake recipes of all time. this is perfect as we fall into the holiday season!

flourless chocolate cake

10 oz of 70% dark chocolate

10 tablespoons unsalted butter

1 cup cane sugar

7 large eggs

1 tsp pure vanilla extract

1 teaspoon salt

preheat oven to 350 on convection bake

butter your round pan.. use parchment paper if that excites you!

melt the chocolate .... i use a pyrex bowl over a sauce pan with a little bit of water (like a DIY double broiler) that fits without falling through... i put it on low to medium... chop up the chocolate really good and stir it around every couple minutes with a spatula or wood spoon... while that is happenings you can mix in your mixer with a paddle attachment.. beat the butter and sugar to get that creamy situation going.. for about 5 minutes.. then add egg YOLKS... the whites will go into a separate bowl with the salt... scrape down bowl each time and keep it going... then add vanilla... leave that be... then mix your egg whites and salt to some stiff peaks with a hand mixer or by hand with a whisk... especially if you have some emotions to get out... this is a great way to grieve or let go... THEN.... there is more. this is where the slowwww down comes in.... it's inside the FOLDING..... you will add a bit of the white to the batter.... i use a rubber spatula for this... you have to go super slowwwwww for the mixtures to take to one another... it's amazing... if i go fast it never works... it's required that you slow down to fold. keep doing this until it all folds in... then pour it all into your buttered pan... put it in the over for about 30 minutes and voila!

make sure that the top is hard and when you move it from side to side it doesn't look like jello. then let it cool on a cooling rack or keep it in the pan until you want to take it out... don't forget the LOVE... that is what really makes it the best cake xxxx

let me know how it goes!