roasting, roasting & some more roasting.


if there is one conversation to 

have about turning on the fire

it's called roasting which really

means turning on the oven when

you walk into the kitchen without

knowing...what is going in it, what meal

you are cooking for, what time you need

to leave, all of it. you will be hungry, 


will be food: 

the end...or just the beginning.

this fire on in the home is 

a below the neck chat.

it's not about figuring 

anything out other than making

your tea/coffee, 

grabbing a bread knife or some scissors

and throwing your veggies into a dish to hang out

in the heat while you make breakfast, school lunches, 

brush your teeth and get the routine under way.

this is the way to fold your nourishment into day

to day busy lives we lead..

you will need 

a roasting dish

or baking sheet some olive oil 

& salt.

turn the oven to 375-400 convection bake or roast

take out your beets, your 

cauliflower, turnips, carrots...

you can wash them if 

there is soil or you feel the need

put them 

in the vessel, pour oil, salt, love & done.

***no need to peel anything***

i think the prep is about 6-8 minutes depending on 

how long it takes to cut something into pieces or wash

off dirt; 

this can happen in 2 or 3 increments if needed

you might need to take the kids to school or the cat

is stuck in the tree or you realize you need to go on a

long drive...whatever the case you can turn off the oven

and they can cook inside the heat or take them

out knowing that you are part way there or or or ...

this idea that we need to stop and 

cook sets us

up to never cook except for on thanksgiving

my feelings on that topic are in a novella out of print!!

this is DOABLE.

warm your heart, your home, your family

roast something yummy today