i am very passionate about this film.
i am sharing it because the topanga film festival 
will be screening gmo omg this saturday in topanga canyon.
i am going! will you come?

all of these incredible films that document about our food,
our agriculture system, our land & our health are so brave.
i feel deep respect & appreciation for their effort to tell the real story
of what is happening in our country. they are drawing the map for
how we make our everyday choices in gathering, cooking & living.
these filmmakers are our modern day shamans. 

the topanga film festival will be screening amazing films
all day on saturday, july 19. they all look deep & inspiring.
you can read more about the line up of films here.

gmo omg will be screening at 4pm at
froggy's on topanga canyon blvd. 
buy your tickets here

you can watch the trailer here.

if you are not in los angeles, please check the
gmo omg site for screenings in your area.
the more people know, the more we can deeply
nourish ourselves, our world & our children. 
big love beautiesxxxx