wood board love//post-market moment.

hi beauties!
this was so yum & love
i had to share it with you
this was a post-market moment
where b & i were just too hungry to get
anything together... you know what i mean? 
(i didn't ask b if she was hungry or what she wanted)
i created the board with what inspired me at
the market and what was close by in the baskets
the goal: to deeply nourish us
i turned on a bit of fire with the toaster ;)
so here it is.. a small farm to table love fest
with all the farms to shop from on sunday in hollywoodxxxx

cut up white nectarines (kens top notch produce)
cherry golden tomatoes (harry's berries)
fat & crunchy spring peas (givens farms)
avo mash with salt & lemon (jj cole's daughter)
sour dough toast with apricot honey (drake goat cheese)
goat cheese & smoked salmon (cookbook market)

i would love to see YOUR wood board love
that you are creating this summer
please send your pictures in and i will post them
big love beauties xxxx