carrots, turnips & broccoli soup! oh my!


the other day i was feeling super low...
more in the heart than the immunity
but they definitely run in a pack when
feeling low is the theme... i was not inspired
to write, to work, to manifest, to dream
i was just having one of those BLAH days.
so i took my own advice and l turned on the fire
i started by cleaning out the fridge....

i found one crown of broccoli, a few turnips & some carrots
the sunday before, i was inspired by a 2 minute chat
at the market with a sweet friend telling me about some sort of 
turnip leek soup she had been making.. i LOVE hearing
what you are making.. as it inspires me & my own
creative healing happenings in the kitchen
it goes somewhere in me and then returns 
when i feel lost at sea or trying to reach for something new

i had no idea what i was making
other than mixing up a remedy to lighten
the heaviness i was feeling... so i started
with my regular soup base of 
herb bullion, olive oil & 1 yellow onion
did i add garlic? i can't remember!
is that a bad thing for a food blog!?!
then i added some chopped turnips, the one crown
of broccoli** and 3 or 4 or 5 carrots... once everything was
mixing together, i added 6 cups of water
let it boil then simmer on low for an hour or more
i did a little immersion action & then i tasted it...
so healing, so sweet, so savory, so perfect!
i am excited to pass it on to you
and hear what you think!!

let me know
how you go
so grateful
for you.

**i also tried some kale instead of broccoli
that was amazing too**

also... i sent this olive oil cake post
out last week and i am not sure if it made
it's way to you.. check it out! it's so good!