baby turnips & a new kind of terrain.

dearest beauties,
i am missing you
& your stories....
i am hungry to gather
hear how you are doing
life these days...
any new recipes? 
here is one i am working on....

i am hiking up some new terrain
my story is a mountain
that looks familiar
but with these new shoes
it feels uncomfortable,
awkward, not so stable
i am unsure

can it handle me and
my copper pots?

as i climb, i think about
creating a new kind of soup...
it's a combination of finely chopped letting go
sweating being seen and being heard
with a full cup of cream topped confidence
add a hand full of i can to the base of the broth
pour all the salt water you have
bring it to a boil then simmer
let it cook for as long you need

as the mountain gets steeper
i can smell the aroma
i can feel the heat
the pots are getting lighter
my feet feel higher
am i flying? 

i can hardly see
my heart
my hunger
maybe i need to shred
some loneliness into the soup
that will give it some thickness

i have no idea where i am going
everything feels old and new
at the same time
i am committed to
staying the course
and when i get there
(wherever there is)
i am going to drink this soup
in a tea cup i love
and call it a dayxxxx

buy some baby turnips
roast them on 400
with olive oil & love
for about 20-30 minutes
check them at 20
move them around
buy two bunches (or more)
they are so tender & lush on the inside
wonderfully strong on the outside
i am in love again
(the man i have been looking for :)
i eat these cold and hot
with eggs, salad, rice, everything
you will want to have them in your fridge
all the time... you can keep them in 
glass tupperware for 3 days at least