will you be my valentine?

so hungry for YOU!
can they put that on a sugar heart?
or how about: deeply nourishing you,
i love your vulnerability, beauty love fest,
you are a soft place to land...
i am really on a roll...
maybe i need to start my own line of hearts!
i should get on that asap.

in other news...
our winter miracle is
on valentines day!!

let us fall in love
with our hunger, our needs, our stories
let us nourish & sate the huge love we give & receive
inside beauty, inside turning on the fire, 
inside our words with amazing women & connection 

you will leave FULLY
inspired, nourished & reconnected
to cooking (& eating) in a new way
with a hand full of new ideas/recipes
to cook up in the season

these are intimate groups
more information &
reserve your wood bowl here
(rsvp by friday 2.7.14)