parsnips & prose.

in my own private heart 

there is a heart shaped door

it's actually a cookie cutter and the handle 

is in the middle like a cookie cutter

and i am inside

you can see me through the heart  

i'm in my red striped apron with a wooden spatula

i'm singing like beyonce - no- 

i'm singing like barbara streisand - no - 

i'm alicia keyes 

and i'm singing the new york song

i am roasting parsnips with garam masala 

and the tree house smells divine

i look down 

and i see that i have paws for feet

and i realize that i might be in a beatrix potter book 


before i blink twice 

i want to bathe in this simplicity

i want to walk on my paws 

and pet my hairy self

i feel my face and finally 

i feel those whiskers i knew i was made of

i mean the leo thing everyone has always talked about

and my hair 

is finally standing up like the afro 

i have always wanted 

with no hair goop

i have the longest eye lashes 

my eye ball sockets are so much bigger than before

i look around my kitchen and everything is 

copper & wood

i have huge copper pots that make me salivate as a human

they hang from scalamandre fabric 

from the branch on my ceiling

it's really wonderful in here

it's grounded and feels like life

i mean the one you read about

the one life that fits so efficiently (like copper)

in my fantasy ball, just feels so 



connected like abundance

with no guilt or heaviness

feels cozy like all the cashmere and its simple

did i say that already? 

i look at my hands, 

they are paws too

and nothing is inflamed

every finger is happy 

whistling while they work happy

that happy feeling people have told me is



not doing anything in the world

that is not what's happening 

in my tree

in my kitchen

in my copper pots

feels like homeschooling and fabric napkins

the on-going fireplace

music you love

books you finish

it feels like time is 

normal here

i am happy as a lion in my kitchen

no worries about low oil in the car 


the million dollars of debt

that doesn't exist here

there is no room for it

it's actually foreign

it's the language of aliens 

to this jungle 

and that could be genius for me

along with those parsnip fries

*15 minute genius exercise from my writing class*

parsnip fries


olive oil

garam masala


(add more spices if desire)

good coarse salt


big bowl

wood board

good knife

baking sheet

oven on 375 - 400 bake

*rock it*

peel parsnips

cut them like fries

2 - 3 wrist pours of olive oil

some dashes of spices

in your big bowl

massage the parsnips

love love love

add some salt

you can use casserole dish

or baking sheet with parchment paper

throw them on the sheet

put in oven for 20 - 30 minutes

if you feel that they are not crisp enough

you can broil them for a few minutes

do not leave them or they will burn

also - check in on them every 10 minutes

move them around

give them a chance 

to meet everyone on 

the baking sheet

eat and enjoy  

out of the oven

big love beauties