rainbow chard & mushroom quiche.


why do i LOVE quiche? ahhhh, let me count the ways....

1. i can do it in parts throughout the day 
(making sure there is food when the hunger strikes)
2. it's essentially pie that i can put tons of vegetables & good stuff in
3. my kids love the word 'pie'
4. i can make it my own everytime, any combo, season inspired!
5. it can be gluten free or gluten full
6. its brekkie, lunch or dinner 
7. it works well with a salad/soup or stands gracefully on it's own
8. it's the perfect gift and i could go on....
i mean... how many relationships have this kind of flexibility?

rainbow chard & mushroom crustless quiche

1 yellow onion
1 bunch of rainbow chard
1 - 1/2 cups of mushrooms
1 cup 1/2 & 1/2 or whole cream
4 eggs (organic/best you can get)
cheese: parmesan, manchego, goat etc..
little bit of butter/oil/earth balance

***a lot of these quantaties depend on 
how much or how little you want to use 
in terms of vegetable & cheese etc..***

*work it*
oven on 375 bake
butter pie plate 
OR use pie crust
chop chard & shrooms into a shape 
& size you want to feel
i like ribbons and thin slices
heat a nice size saute pan to medium
chop onion
put in 2 -3 tbs of butter into pan
put in onion first
let it do the glaze dance for about 5 minutes
you will smell the most amazing smell
butter and onions
then add the veggies
saute it, move it, feel french about it

****this is a great place to stop if you need to go about the day*****
you can put a towel or lid over it and continue later

part 2
let the saute cool
grab a big bowl
use 2 full eggs and 2 egg yolks
1 cup cream
whisk or fork it up 
add some cheese here too
you can put the saute in warm 
(not too hot)
mix all together
place into plate or pie shell
put on timer!
30 - 45 minutes
depending on your oven
check in on it every 20

have fun with this one
love you beauties