roasted carrots with citrus, dill & pistachio nuts

gather the most beautiful bunch of carrots you can get your hands on 
the smaller the better as you will not need to peel the baby ones
(the skin is so thin, it adds to the flavor & the nutrient value)
put oven on 375 convection bake or bake
gather a casserole dish, pyrex or baking sheet 
pour a loving amount of olive oil in the dish
tear any herbs you have around 
i think i did a combo effort in the picture: sage, dill & lavender
(don't let that stop you)
you don't need any herbs just some salt and carrots
they can cook for 30 - 45 minutes depending on their size & thickness
check in on them every 10 - 15 minutes and move them around
see what they need, you can use a fork to see when they are ready
take out when ready, place linen (you love) over them 
you could be done here!
this is some perfectly good wood board love
you can tear some dill
cut up any citrus you are loving right now
blood orange, cara cara, page mandarine, kichu tangerine
it's local citrus heaven at the market right now... 
so go for it & ask to try each one
then add pistachios, walnut oil, bit of salt and mix with love. 

happy new year beauties
wood board love
grounded joy
healthy bodies
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sabrina ward harrison