3 for 5.


celery root, apple & russet potato soup

this truly just came together in a very hodge podge way 
it started as it always does at the market
3 celery roots for 5$
i couldn't resist
*make it yours* 
if you are so inspired

good for 4 - 6 servings 
depending on how you are going to serve it 
(6 tea cups/4 bowls/1 pot etc)

 peel 1 - 2 celery roots
they are so gorgeous
(you can find faces in them with the kids)

just get in there with your peeler 
you will begin to see their bare white skin
chop up into chunky cubes
do the same with 2 fiji or gala apples 
(i love the sweeter ones)
1 russet potato
set aside in bowl you love

create your soup base in a 6 - 8 cup pot on medium
a 2 circle pour of olive oil OR 
a chunk of ghee, earth balance, butter 
whatever you got

chop up a medium size sweet yellow onion 
sweat that love for about 5 - 8 minutes 
a cube of repunzel vegan bullion (herb or sea salt) 
mix together with some herbs if you have 
(parsley, thyme for a rustic way)

now the onion should be giving you that glazed look 
add bowl of roots and apples
add 4 - 5 cups of water (just enough to cover)
you can always add later
bring to a boil
then to a simmer 
with lid on
30+ minutes (more the merrier)

fork it all to see if it's ready
wait to cool or use immersion blender
puree & taste
it might need a little more bullion 
OR it might need salt
i found that mine needed all the broth to make it thinner

you could add 
a nut oil like hazelnut or walnut or chopped up pistachio or walnuts
some parmesan or manchego never hurts
a 3 minute egg is deluxe

i love to eat soup out of a tea cup
makes it fancy pants
enjoy beauties