we decide.

i wish i could tell you that i have been napping this whole time....waiting for spring like frog. unfortunately, it's not the case. i am missing you though... i think about you all the time... whether i am peeling parsnips, gathering at the market, stirring soup, making tea (to leave it on the counter, sipped once)....i am hoping you are feeling good in your kitchens, that you are feeding yourselves, nurturing your dreams and nourishing your babes and families. are you having any miracles in the kitchen? there are so many amazing things to discover at the market at this time.... and it's such a medicinal food season as well...mama nature provides us with so many nutirent-rich veggies and fruits in winter. isn't it incredible that citrus grows so abundantly when it's cold out? have you tried the cara cara (PINK) oranges or the sweet oro blanco grapefruits.... introduce it to yourself and your friends and family... you can never waste money when you are learning, tasting and creating amazing food... as i drive through the city, i want to climb all the trees and gather bags of bright yellow and orange goodness... the trees seem SO full of vitamin C. have you been seeing them (those of you in LA) ? is it illegal to climb them? i mean... can't we all feed each other in this way?

here are some shots of last weeks' market in santa monica.. the weather has been cookoo pants gorgeous...and there are some other shots of my beauty kin... i have a lot up my apron for this year and i am gathering my thoughts, my dreams, my callings in the kitchen and beyond.... first up, a home for me, our community and all that we can unfold in the kitchen...(i think it's called a website) so, if you know of any amazing people that i need to meet.... please send them my way....

i have been steeping in the mission of my kitchen culture quest... one of the ideas that keeps coming up is how

we decide


WE.... as the women, as the mamas, all of us (with mamas inside of us), create this food culture in our homes... we decide what we eat, how we eat, when we eat... we decide if we have beauty, love, intimacy in our food, in our kitchens, in our lives... what i am realizing in so many areas of my life is that the time we have been waiting for, talking about, walking towards....IS NOW! it's as deep or as light or as simple or as free as you want to go... it's up to us. WE DECIDE. so that's the jules tip of the day (another something that is happening up the apron)... want to share about this? please do. i love hearing from you. see you in the kitchenxxxx

MIRACLE ALERT: friday, february 17 & friday, march 2. let me know if you want to be fedX