happy december beauties!!
missing you & me so much... the life of a renaissance mama is forever defining itself in, out and all around me. i have been trying to get this post out for a thousand years.....i can feel you all nodding your heads in understanding and i love you and this gorgeous community for that. please, go make a tea, i'll wait here....i have been returning to the ever spicy and sweet chai latte with a frothy almond milk... i was also turned on to this beautiful pomegranate green tea by a dear renaissance mama...i have been offering that one in the miracles... oh! and get your books, i phones, wall calendars out... this is about making darn sure to nourish YOU this month.... as it's the hardest month to do it!! we have to come together as a community and make it happen or it will not as we all know so well. this is the time WE GIVE TILL OUR BLOOD RUNS DRY (is that dramatic enough?) and then we decide to reconnect to ourselves in the new year (on a gurney..) when most of us truly believe we will be able to see straight again... and we don't stop there.. we decide to make goals, hopes, wishes of ourselves, draw up lists, intentions scrolls, etc... oy, we are a mess! that made me laugh out loud.. i know some of you are really on it and have figured this piece out (taking callers...) and i have pockets of that clarity too (before beauty...) today, i am speaking to the over-scheduled, crazy pants ambitious women & mamas & all of us out there who, like me, want to do it all ALL of the time... especially during the holidays where rituals come to their peak status... and we LOVE those rituals.... so here is a beautiful ritual to begin ane make happen in december: A MIRACLE. i have decided to have only ONE this month (yeah.. i got the memo ;) let us gather, feed off the beauty, celebrate each other, share in this nourishing as we give to all around us this holiday.

DECEMBER 15, 2011
10:30 - 1ish
75$/in advance
*these are intimate gathering, rsvp asap to reserve your wooden bowl

OH! and give the miracle as a gift.... there are RM certificates, custom created, stamped & printed for those you love... you can also get one in a beauty basket with some rustic beauty produce.. more on this very soon!

if i don't see you...have a beautiful holiday and let us continue to inspire, empower and feed each other in this way... see you in the kitchenxxxx