beauty baskets.

this season is just oozing with BEAUTY....the hues of oranges, reds, browns, purples, greens, it's a rainbow of love coming out of the ground to greet us everyday. it's poetry, dance, art in color, texture, taste that continues to inspire me into this deep place of gratitude... all i want to do is SHARE it... it's the only way... our farmers trek to hollywood and ivar, arizona & 3rd, and all over the city to sell us their goods.... and we (ok, i) get up early, drive away from a cozy sunday morning or a wednesday west side drive in back to back traffic to meet our food, to gather the good medicine, to reconnect to my source, the sustenance, the core of life in this way.... to feel the miracle & bring it home to my family.. yes, it's a journey that takes effort, time & priority. it is a lifestyle, no doubt. once you taste what is happening here, there is nothing like it. you can't replace the taste of a weiser watermelon radish, a mcgrath tahitian squash, a peacock farms fuyu's just this way. you might get close, but the best will always be the best. period.

oh and i love the best....

i am launching another branch to the ever blossoming renaissance mama tree: BEAUTY BASKETS!!! custom baskets of seasonal fruits, vegetables & amazing, yummy foods from the market.. passionately and lovingly gathered, inspired by the BEST of the market... they are abundant gifts to give yourself, your family and your friends... i think of them as gratitude gifts...this is the best time to send one as the day of thanks is on its way... who are you thankful for and how can you show them what you mean.....let me deliver beauty in a basket to their door. food is the best gift. we all need it, no matter how much or how little we have.

i am taking just a few more orders for thanksgiving baskets (for the actual day)... bring it as a gift to the host or a centerpiece for your home to nosh on later... i deliver all over the city. i also create & cook meals for those who need cooked foods... new mamas, those in the healing process & everyone that needs food! it really should be called 'skies the limit baskets'..... anything that goes in a basket with food, is what i am up to.... so get your gratitude lists ready and lets go!

if you are just coming aboard the RM train..... my passion is to feed you. mamas, women, all of us. i want you to have the best & i show you how to do it, in your life, right now (no, not when you have 'time')... guiding you back to your beauty, the love of the season while inspiring & empowering you to reconnect to yourself, your kitchen, your family in this intimate way with food & cooking... embracing all that it brings (and doesn't bring) & creating a space that is YOURS. i see it over and over again... if you are nurtured, you want to share the feeling, then you yearn to nourish your family. let me feed you in all the ways.... see you in the kitchenxxxx