summer vibes.

missing you and the magic of sharing words...

earl grey tea on my tongue to start the dance, warm in the palm & somewhere is the ground.... sewing my way through the soil, planting seedlings with a needle & some cashmere nearby... hoping to suture myself inside calm & uneventful.. like gazpacho, cucumbers & avocado.

simple, sating, warm.

this is innate in the summer vibe, if you are lucky to catch on. you can feel it in the food... chilled soups, mellow melons, nectarines, peaches, berries with arugula and....

all i feel & do is rush, rush, rush... it almost feels like an illness.... rushing here, rushing there, rushing everywhere! i mean....really? is this life? i can't seem to take enough inhales to have one exhale.. i am even rushing to find a beach house so i can stop all this rushing!

the roots of this dis-ease may be growing from the beds of overwhelm, sleepless nights & the longest list of wants, desires & needs on this side of the mississipi. i don't know, just throwing some ideas out there. are you feeling this way too? is this the mama train everybody is on? the ONLY way it (meaning life) seems to pause, take a second, inhale and exhale at the SAME time.... is in the kitchen.

i know, shocking.
hold the phone.

this season gives us the gift of an ABUNDANCE of foods to cut up and NOT cook... maybe a little luring to get you in there? blending soups, tarts, salads, soft tacos, lemon cucumbers, pink lemons, sweet corn, orange cauliflower... oh it's good. it's the part of the day, other than right now with you, that i am breathing... oh, wait! i gotta get to yoga, i'm late! see you in the kitchenxxx