stone fruit.

loving these in EVERYTHING right now... i actually can't stop eating them! they are in my salad with golden beets & avocado, they are baked (for 15 - 20 minutes on 400 bake) then add a leaf of basil & cream, they are roasted with my chicken inside lavender, rosemary & thyme or just cut up on the board! yum!

there are two farms that have the best. one - is the arctic star from regier's farm in dinuba, ca... you can find them under the orange kiosks at the santa monica farmers market on wednesday mornings & sunday in hollywood. they are so incredible! the other excellent ones are in hollywood on sunday & pasadena on thursdays afternoons... ken lee's farm in fresno. he also has amazing plums, pluots & new fruits coming out all the time. remember to try everything you buy & make sure not to buy the fruit too soft or when you get home, it will be ready for jam. they ripen fast in the summer.

AND buy fruit (& all your food) from good people... you will know them when you see them, you will feel them... if they are kind to you, they are kind to the soil, the earth & all that this piece of gathering the best quality means... i love to ask how they treat their land & if they are close to freeways... how they answer will also tell you everything you need to know. if they are open or resistant to being asked... it's all so important to know where your food comes from. enjoy & see you in the kitchenxxxx