it's time....

i am back and beauty is in FULL session!

let us
each other
let us get inside
this incredible piece we share
as women, mamas, nurturers of our hearth and home.

RM GATHERINGS in my kitchen for june & july:

thursday, june 9, 10 - 1 pm
thursday, june 16, 10 -1 pm

friday, july 1, 10 - 1 pm
friday, july 15, 10 - 1 pm

75$ per class**

how it works: rsvp now, send your check today & save your spot. please specify which gatherings you are signing up for.
these are intimate groups, they fill up fast, so i need your 'green' rsvp in order to save your wooden bowl...

**RM policy**

-don't allow the $ to stop you from coming, gathering, being a part of the love.... pay in full if you can, pay what you can otherwise
-if you can't make it, please tell me as early as you can OR by 9 am wednesday morning (the day before class) then you can come to the next class with your payment
-if you cancel after that time, i will have bought the food for your wooden bowl.... so i will only charge what the food costs and your next class you pay half again for food
-email me for where to send etc...

looking so forward to seeing you, continuing this kitchen conversation of nourishing your bodies & inspiring your bellies!! see you in the kitchenxxxx

OH! and ....please invite friends, send this to those you think would love it, give them this gift!!