blood oranges & rm gatherings.

i am inside a deep crush on blood oranges... they are so incredibly fancy in their simplicity. red gorgeousness. i wish i could wear them around my neck like a mala of red suns or citrus compasses to fancy land (i told you i have a crush)...they are definitely the 'prada suit' of the citrus family.... classic with a side of 'very casual regal' & a cup of fancy... whether you slice it in an RM water with basil (in a glass pitcher) or squeeze it for a dressing, on fish or any other yummy action.. it always fits in. no matter what the occasion, it always looks good on your resume. you can never go wrong with this kind of sun in your belly.

speaking of sun in my belly....are you feeling it?! now that beauty is out of my belly and showing me all kinds of new love.... i am returning to the amazing RM gatherings in my kitchen with the first one starting on june 9. it's a thursday at 10 - 1pm. the classes are in mt washington. if you are new to the blog, welcome and thanks for coming by! the gatherings are beautiful mornings in my kitchen where i nurture you in all ways beauty, food, connection & inspiration... they are intimate gatherings of women who bring such magic to the table. my goal is to empower, support & love your way into the kitchen..then you can nourish yourself & your family in this same way. for more information & to rsvp for the class, email me through the blog or at see you in the kitchenxxxx