strawberry pops.

what is summer without strawberry popsicles? especially ones that are SO easy made at home... i got this popsicle maker at william sonoma.. i was on a conscious & fast search for something simple, made in the USA, and not plastic... i didn't totally succeed in my mission b/c i had a certificate for WS, the desire for popsicles was incredibly high & i gave in... so here we are... and all that is important to my almost 4 year that it works! this little mixture includes 2 cups strawberries, 1 cup milk and maybe some sugar to taste...blend together with love! (i told you it was fast!)

if there are some other fast ones out there.. please share! the reason why we don't need a lot is because the milk (strauss organic cream top) and strawberries (harry's berries) we gather for this are the best...they are the sweetest and creamiest... so it's not about fast in the gathering.... it's about quality when it comes to getting the best your belly deserves even with something as simple as strawberry pops. see you in the kitchenxxx