alyssa leal.

a few weeks ago.. alyssa came over with her various cameras in hand to talk about renaissance mamas...the communal conversation of mamahood, sating self in order to nurture other, creating a place to nourish our creativity in the kitchen...and getting a cuisineart! it was inspiring & fun! here is some of her story.... see you in the kitchenxxx
(and the top photo of just my teeth... ocean took that one ;) !

alyssa leal is a mama who approaches family photography (weddings, pregnancy photos, children, families, grandparents..) as an art form. "I am hoping to create images of the familiy or couples' beautiful and poignant moments..not just to capture it or document it. I use both digital and film (small, medium and on occasion, large format) in this pursuit...I don't create or stage moments, but rather I prefer to wait for the natural moments to emerge in their own loveliness.."

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