love & care.

now this has got me thinking...steeping.. listening..and understanding something i do all the time and seeing it in a new light...this is the beginning of another RM conversation: love & care. this topic feels delicate with a strong spine of committment framed in cashmere socks.. just kidding....well...ok maybe i am not kidding.. would that be weird ? it's always good to be grounded in some cashmere....i mean you gotta stay warm right? and why do i say delicate? because when you talk to a mama about love and care.. the voice inside says...yep. check. of course, i have those things..i am a mom. the end...and then you move this concept into the kitchen and the whole dynamic it's almost offensive to ask about love and care. why? why is this? because we are beating time down with a whiffle ball bat ? beacuse we are lacking the deepest needs of a mama starting with self-care? or is it lack of knowledge? support? olive oil & yellow onions? i want to hear your thoughts on this one...see you in the kitchenxxx

*in the photo: purple artichokes.. recipe on it's way*