artichokes & chickpeas.

to continue on with love & care... here is a recipe that is fast on the prep, inspired by spring & gorgeous. the colors mirror that warmth that is just beginning to make it's way into the middle of the day, (that 'get in your car and don't do a thing heat' that makes you want to take an instant nap)... and the taste is grounded, simple & lovely. there are all sorts of choices in this recipe to love, care or both... i get to the heart of the artichokes peeling away the layers and then cutting them in half with my bread knife...then i get a heavy saute pan out & put it on medium-high & add olive oil & garlic. we are packing light (taking off all our purple feathers) so i make sure it's hot & slide them in there... don't touch them with your wooden wand. let them sear, saute, heat up, cook & remain in their designated spot for more than 5 minutes... then use your over-excited urge to move them around... feeling like you are making something happen. we all do it. let cook for a while.. you can also roast and use the oven for this which is below... then i add the garbanzo beans and let marinate together... toast the sesame seeds.. and add lemon zest, juice & seeds at the end.. so good... see you in the kitchenxxx

here is the recipe i found: roasted artichokes chickpeas & garlic salad with lemon & sesame then i did a bit of my own thing.. let me know what you think!