we are in the beginning of a very spiritually ripe time of year... the signifigance of the the sun going down tonight began the passover holiday..which represents the end of our time connected to slavery & the beginning of our deep journey into freedom. we are all slaves to something whether you can see it or not, it usually shows up in the category of darkness, noise, judgements, ego, denial, whole clotted cream, in & out burger....i think you are getting the picture... i invite you to join me in this ritual of letting those slaves go... lets start with just one, rome wasn't built in a day... it's a party of rebirth & liberation...the actual act of moving into freedom is a huge one. especially if you are so used to the safety of confinement...something you know so well, feel safe in, even if it's not serving you (for years...) sound familiar? i am asking you to take my spatula and ride this one out with me... this is a VERY renaissance mama idea... finding the freedom in the kitchen is ESSENTIAL to your rebirth! there is no better feeling then to free yourself of STUFF that is in your kitchen that you never use, that you don't like or even despise of no matter who gave it to you. it's amazing how this holiday comes during spring... which is absolutely a time of new, saying bye bye to the old. spring cleaning? hello. and then there is easter..a sweet time to celebrate, finding eggs.. another symbol of birth.. it's all around us... it's vital for the planet too. we must keep evolving, growing, finding new ways to change, trusting that this is our nature... we are safe to shift a dynamic that is dark & seek the light. that's what the fruits & veggies do and look how good they look.. better yet taste! in our family the bunny looks for the matzoh.. and some eggs too... and tomorrow i will be cooking up a storm for the seder. i am hoping to share the menu with you if i have time to take photos! until then...may you have an incredible trip into freedom. see you on the other side... and in the kitchenxxx