love for RM...

my amazing friend heidi rose robbins, a renaissance mama of many gifts & talents, gave RM (& me) some deeply kind props & love last week in her weekly 'friend friday' post on her blog. heidi is a very gifted astologer, mother of 2, liberator of all things love...her company RADIANT LIFE... is all about just that: liberating love in all forms of expression. she holds the space for sacred women's gatherings every other thursday in los feliz, & offers retreats in beautiful places... all to help you reconnect, discover, be in this love that you are & to live your most radiant life. i mean... i am totally on board! check her out... i feel really blessed to know heidi...she is a one of a kind. see you in the kitchenxxx (ps: the last post didn't go out so check out cherry tomatoes.. and i have no idea how to get out of these caps..please excuse them ;)

Friend Friday – Meet Jules Blaine Davis

I met Jules in writing class. I often laugh with her about it. I was hugely pregnant and she was single, cool and free free free. I remember looking at her across the class putting on gold lipstick just as class was ending. She was off to a party or a gallery opening or something so much more interesting than what I was waddling off to.

When Kate was born I brought her to visit Jules in her loft in downtown Los Angeles. We laugh about this too. I said, “You’re living my other life.” And she said, “And you’re living mine.”

Now Jules is married and has a gorgeous little boy herself — Ocean. (I, however, have yet to live in an ultra cool artist loft).

Jules is an artist. It doesn’t matter what medium she’s working with. In her earlier life, she was a dancer, an actress. She’s a wonderful painter and a poet. She lights up what she touches. She’s a LEO for goodness sake.

NOW her medium is food. And she’s creating a food revolution with her Renaissance Mamas in Los Angeles.

Here’s the deal. Jules wants to empower women — mothers primarily — but really all women, to make their kitchens a beautiful, comfortable, inspiring place to be. She wants us to have food in our refrigerators and not order out every night. She wants us to know that making healthy food is simpler than we imagine it to be.

I’m pretty wretched when it comes to cooking, but Jules came to my kitchen and talked with me about my day, my rhythm, my children and what we like to eat…. She looked at how the kitchen was arranged and how I could make the most out of the space I had. She encouraged me to have bowls full of beautiful produce and pots with lots of wooden spoons. Beauty! Beauty! Beauty! Why else would I want to spend any time in my kitchen? She cooked with me and it was GOOD. I actually made dishes again later in the week. That never happens.

Jules offers group cooking classes too. Now, she’s teaching on Thursdays–usually 10-1. It’s like a combination of a spa day and an amazing meal. When I enter her home, I BREATHE differently. The table is spread with goodies from the Farmer’s Market. There’s always some new wonderful kind of tea to drink. And this too! Jules is FUNNY! She keeps us laughing as she prepares dish after dish. I leave full of excellent food, calm and empowered.

So, spend some time with Jules. Consult with her or go to one of her classes. Definitely read her blog. She is always passing along fabulous little tips.