brioche in the house.

when there is brioche in the house there is this sweet feeling of fancy calling me into the kitchen...well maybe it's not a call that makes a sound it's more like that RM feeling of being sated before you eat because you know there is's an overall feeling of 'quick & yummy breakfast' coming up.... as it waits for me to free it from it's plastic snuggie action. it's such a great feeling to put a huge loaf of soft fancy on my cutting board.... as for the brekkie, i did nothing fancy here as i let the brioche speak for itself and he is a good speaker... i beat up an egg a person... with a fork. (that sentence could be taken a different way.. i was just mixing)... and found a casserole dish that was the perfect's one thing to have the right ingredients ... and having the right tools really makes this a simple, easy, one, two.. as i like to say... maybe it's from my dance days... chasay relevay.. we never wrote the words.. so i have no idea how to spell them. then i use my deeply loved green cooking skillet... it's enameled cast's le creuset but half the sweet friends mica & cafe run this company called green cooking pots...they have amazing pans, pots, dutch ovens etc... check them out. ok.. so from the eggs and the dish.. i soak the bread in for a bit on both sides.. giving the thick slice a nice egg bath/tan... and then i place it on the medium hot skillet... that's it! then i cut up some strawberries, pour some maple syrup & put some other yummies in my wooden vessels...that's breakfast. or lunch. or dinner... see you in the kithenxxx