hazing & basics.

out of it
brain dead
khaki pants neutral
almost numb
same ol' same ol'
more resistance
is that anxiety?
lost again
really sick
heating pad
dark bedroom
devastation in haiti

this has been my new year so far.... i have been burning my brain to figure out what i need, what will make it better, how can i return to me? and i think i figured it out today. i need the renaissance mama!!! to come over and reinspire me in all ways food, kitchen, family, life, heart beat, creative connection etc...this is probably a very normal look into the day to day of most mamas when it comes to cooking or their kitchens....for me it took a car crash. all is well and i am taking a very warm bath in some deep gratitude for the miracle that all involved walked away to share the tale. i wrote this last week and then i found myself in bed all week with a terrible flu.. so i am searching for my own number to extract me out of this sort of hazing of 2010.

it's been such an interesting ride in the kitchen for me. going back to my basics that i teach and share with everyone. making sure i have food all the time... just something on the counter or in the fridge so there is food, that vital feeling of being fed & the knowing of nourishing. big bowls of food, vessels all around, creating a fancy feeling inside the basics....it's been challenging which is so beautiful for me to experience as i am getting the opportunity to see what it's like for everyone else... this is also mid winter and the same things are out.. squahes, apples, pears, yams, potatoes, all root veggies, greens... so the landscape can also seem very boring... and there is always a light at the end of the tunnel... (this has been a long tunnel ;)

i am thinking citrus to wake it up... so much beautiful citrus is in season and it's really good! so...i am getting back on the saddle. i miss the word & i have missed you! sharing the happenings in the kitchen and in life which are one in the same for the renaissance mama....you might still find me wandering the markets as though it's my first time there & you might read a bit more about it here.....see you in the kitchenxxx