introducing... the first renaissance mama product! there is nothing like a little sprinkle of fancy around the kitchen to not only get inspired but to stay inspired in your kitchen!! it's all about what you have to create beautiful meals....and i love fancy... especially in glass jars on the counter. you can use this lavender sugar for pancakes, tea, coffee, cakes, confections... anything you want to put sugar in and add a little something special. these sweet cuties were inspired (word of that day) by the talk i did at belly sprout last week...christy funk (owner, mama, amazing hostess of fullerton) invited me to her sweet eco baby & mama boutique to share what i am up to with renaissance mamas. it was beautiful to start the conversation there... we sat in a circle & shared about how we 'do it', what our kitchen culture is, how we eat & what it's all about.... cooking for our families and/or wanting that....fighting the food marketers, the convenience stores, the sugar in everything (not this fancy sugar of course), the freezing in plastic etc... searching for a spine in (our lack of a) culture to support living well, eating well & consciously consuming...to create memories from scratch & feed our babes local & alive foods.....and of course i had to bring something fancy... so i did... let's keep talking, cooking & learning from each other...see you soonxxx