basil ice cream.

any herb with milk, butter, sugar, eggs & whole cream is bound for the up and up. i mean.. how can you go wrong? and....there is something amazing about basil that is just plain ol' fancy pants.. (still on the fancy trip..) and yet grounding in an italian boot with your heels in the soil and you just don't care kind of way. this calls for clear skies and sparkling sun kind of weather...which is what i had the day i experimented with one of my clients ice cream makers... this recipe is originally from gourmet which came to me from a blog called 17 & baking... yep, you got it.. the young ones know how to bake it and make it....put aside....

2 cups of milk
1/2 cup of sugar (in 2 (1/4) batches)
1/4 cup chopped basil
pinch of salt
4 egg yolks
1/2 cup of whole cream

combine basil, milk, 1/4 sugar in medium saucepan...boil for a second
and put on simmer for about 30 minutes...with top half on, half off...
like phantom of the opera.

mix egg yolks with sugar for about a minute

after 30 minute sauce pan cools...blend it. then stir a mellow stream of the
blended mixture into the eggs mixture...mix it a bit then put it back in the sauce pan.

stir it. stir it constantly & consistently until you begin to see this...a film
over your wooden spoon...and yes, stir with a wooden spoon please.

then strain it into a stainless steel bowl in a ice cube bath.

light of a heart found itself here.. i did nothing to induce this perfect image of
how i was feeling :)

once it's cooled... place in ice cream maker (which is completely frozen inside), add whole cream
and churn, churn away! check in with it after about 15 minutes.. then 20.. then 25..
creating the thickness you want... then place in the freezer in glass container until
ready to serve with GOLDEN RASBERRIES... this combo = lethal love.

here it is... another vacation on a spoon. enjoy and let me know how it goes!! see you soonxxx