undefinable energy

creative force

one who does almost everything, just keeps going

always the student,

teacher, sharer of stories

swims inside language, uses it as a tool to express & listen

to care, to love, to be tender, to understand





enormously grateful

appreciative of the littlest of things

the hardest...

and the best moment all in one day


over and 

over and 

over again

trying to find a word for beyond exhausted

mixed with a  love that keeps going and growing

folded into a deep daily joy (even in the most trying of times) 

that doesn't compare to anything i ever knew before....

maybe it's the word 


and then i don't know anything again

and i am determined to

stay open

as it's where i live

it's going back home

stretch some more

like that first home

it all makes sense in there

in here

warm, cozy, like before

thank you for making me a mother... 

as i mother myself, as i listen to myself, to my voice, my mothering, my idea of what should happen...

as i hear what i like, don't like, cut, edit, paste, be, dance, create, put out into hearts, mine, yours,

i learn what it is this time & reshape what it was last time... unconditional, listening, open, open, open...

i feel blessed to know this part as it has become my whole. i also want to start a revolution...that we have a mothers week or month..anyone in?

happy day to all those who create, to all who mother, 

to all who give life to something, dance this dance, we are all mothers somewhere

thank you mom.