rooted basil


here is a tip:
rooted basil is AWESOME.
i bought this 2 weeks ago
at the farmers market
from a sweet farm called the eden of.....
(yes all the dots are in the name too)
they are the tent with the lady bug flags
they sell gorgeous corn, lettuces,sunflowers & more...

i put this basil in a big ball jar with some water to cover
the roots and it continues to flourish & grow
it's so happy here which is so rare for basil in a ball jar!
it's not only pure beauty on the table
but it's useful and i can just grab some leaves
for a fancy water, some quickie pesto or raw on top of warm pizza
name it.. you can do it
it's the best purchase yet! 

i wanted to share it with you
so when you see it
don't be afraid of the roots
embrace, buy & put it in a big ball jar!

july 26
10 - 1pm
my kitchen
2 spots left